Your contribution matters more than ever! Our season begins with two String Theory @ Home concerts in the fall and three exciting spring concerts that will be announced in December. The first two concerts will be offered for free online, as a gift to our community.

Please consider renewing your annual giving in anticipation of these fabulous events. We are ever-grateful for your generosity over the years and thank you for all of your love and support!


You may also donate to String Theory by writing a check payable to LEE UNIVERSITY with STRING THEORY in the memo line and mail to the address below.

Cole Strong
Lee University
1120 North Ocoee Street
Cleveland, TN 37311

Your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Donor Levels

Jubiloso $10,000

Maestoso $5,000

Cantabile $2,500

Espressivo  $1,000

Dolce $500

Piccolo  $250

All donations at these levels will be acknowledged in our season programs and will receive unlimited access to our online concerts!

Thank you to our Season 12 Donors


Lavinia Johnston


Sherry Keller Brown

Darlia and Paul Conn

Deanne and Nelson Irvine

Candy Kruesi-

In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Conn’s 34 years at 

Lee University and In Memory of Sharon Mills

Linda Neely and Mark Thompson

Remek Trust-

In Memory of Roslyn Reisman and Edward E. Reisman Jr.

Susan and Stephen Rich



The Chien Family

Mary and Don McDowell


Chazen Family Foundation

Cora and Ted Feintuch

Gillian Johnston-

In Honor of Lavinia Johnston

Doris LaMar

Norma and Olan Mills

Jacqueline Marschak and Leonard Murray

Paul Neely and Susan Street

Sue Anne Wells


Jean & Rick Botto

Hazel Montague Foundation

Lorraine and John Forman

Monica and Jeff Gefter

Nadine Goff

Jane and Lowery Kline

Martha Mackey

Rob Majors and Ed Wolf

Ann Almond Pope

Jayson VanHook

Karen and Tim Viser


Judy and Guy Beaty

Susan Branch-

In Memory of Sharon Mills

Brenda Brickhouse

Patricia Daniel

Patricia Huang

The McReynolds Family Foundation

Katherine Prior

Bernard and Sue Pucker-

In Honor of Sooyun Kim and Gary So

Beth Roberts

Pris and Robert Siskin



William and Catherine Barker

Claire Binder

Joan Brodovsky

Ellyn and John Brooks

Tara and David Diercks

Carol Goldfarb-

In Memory of Sharon Mills and 

In Honor of Karen “Candy” Kruesi

Vanessa and Jerome Hammond

Ruth Hauptfuhrer Lott

Don Puryear

Louisa Nicholson

Marjorie Wright